Clinical Interpretation of genetic variants by ACMG/AMP 2015 guideline

InterVar is a bioinformatics software tool for clinical interpretation of genetic variants by the ACMG/AMP 2015 guideline. The input to InterVar is an annotated file generated from ANNOVAR, while the output of InterVar is the classification of variants into 'Benign', 'Likely benign', 'Uncertain significance', 'Likely pathogenic' and 'Pathogenic', together with detailed evidence code.

Search your exonic variants from pre-built wIntervar databases(updated 2022-June-13 17:57:28 with 100M sites):

If you already know the criteria of your variant, you can clik here to interpret your variant directly.
This server is for exon variants interpretation only, if you have indels, you need to download the intervar tool from github, then interpret your variant on local.
if you have cancer/somatic variant or CNV, you can click CancerVar to interpret your cancer variant directly.
if you have germline CNV, you can click CNVinter to interpret your copy number variation directly.

Please select the genomic version: